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If you're just joining us, be sure to introduce yourself!

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List any gear you'd like to sell, buy, or trade here.

Getting Started

This is the place to list your gear for sale or post anything you would like to purchase.

You will need to create an account with the site in order to post. When you create an account or making a post, you will have options to scubscribe to forums and be notified of new activity.

When creating a new listing, please put FOR SALE or WANTED in your topic title as well as a short description. In the post itself, you can describe your item(s) in greater detail.


FOR SALE: Kindle Touch Reader FOR SALE: ICOM 706 MkIIg $650 OBO WANTED: 50A Power Supply WANTED: 24V Solar Panels WANTED: Someone to 3D print a case for me

WARNING all forums are visible to the public and picked up by search engines. Do not post any confidential information publicly, unless you want it showing up in google search results.

To contact a poster privately, click on their username and the chat button to chat privately.


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A place to talk about whatever you want

Introduce Yourself!

I'm John, KB3DFZ. I live in Bedford and I do computer programming/systems automation. I'm interested in linux, amateur radio, and embedded computers (like the raspberry pi).

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Blog posts from individual members

The Cheap Machete Problem

This weekend, I was finally clearing out the bit of walk between my pole barn and the hill behind it. Erosion has been filling it in, making it hard to get back there with any sort of push mower. Vines and brush have been filling in around it. I did what I could with the …

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